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The Building of Sylvania Robotics

​Sylvania STEM Center, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, Northwest Ohio's regional gathering place for STEM education and exploration, was born out of a small elementary school robotics program. During the 2010-2011 school year, teacher and Sylvan Elementary parent Crystal Burnworth introduced extracurricular STEM education to the Sylvania Schools district through FIRST® LEGO league programs. Sylvan's FLL and FLL Jr. teams quickly expanded as interest grew, opening up opportunity for more and more students throughout the Sylvania Schools district.


As primary and secondary STEM-based teams continued to multiply in the region, a core group of Sylvan coaches recognized the need for a centralized STEM education and exploration meeting hub. A location was scouted, grants and investors were secured and the future of STEM learning in the region became reality. 



​STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics, four increasingly essential pillars in today's education and business climates. Investing in our children's understanding of these areas through STEM education is key to a bright and prosperous future for us all.


Founded in 1989 by inventor, entrepreneur and all-around science and tech promoter Dean Kamen, FIRST® (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) is on a sustained mission to motivate young people to embrace and understand STEM in their educational and career paths.



Our 9000sq. ft. meeting space is dedicated to the area's STEM pursuits for students of all ages. We house the building components and table space necessary to efficiently collaborate and effectively compete. The center is open throughout the year for team gathering and practice .

In Summer we host camps and workshops. Throughout the year we offer a variety of STEM programming.


Sylvania STEM Center is open to all Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. Individuals interested in joining a team or learning about our other STEM programs can find their place at SSC by contacting us. Join the region's leading STEM organization!

Board of Directors

Crystal Burnworth

Board of Directors

* Toledo native, residing in Sylvania

* Master in Education

* Jefferson Award Finalist

* STEM Advocate

* One of the founding members of the initial FIRST teams

Tom Burnworth

Executive Director

Founding member of SSC and over the past 8 years has coached and taught various STEM related teams, innovative summer camps, and workshops at the center. Because of the tremendous growth at SSC, in March of 2017, he left his position as a Lucas County Construction Inspector to work at SSC full time. This has enabled SSC to continue to expand its offerings in the Northwest Ohio community. 

Joseph Gillen

Been involved with the Sylvania STEM Center since its inception as Sylvan Robotics in 2011. Joe is actively involved in coaching teams in FLL, FTC and FRC as well as being an active FIRST volunteer. Outside of the center, Joe is an IT professional with over 25 years of experience and currently works at the University of Toledo.


Mona Parikh

Master of Science in Molecular and cell Biology. 

Involved in Robotics since 2015

Beiieves in STEM and "more than robots."

Tajinder Singh

Project Manager
SSC Board of Directors

Tod Losey

SSC President

•    Toledo Native, Residing in Sylvania
•    Degree in Environmental Chemistry, University of Toledo
•    Director of Lab Operations/Owner, Sterling Laboratories (29 years At Sterling)
•    Navy Veteran (10 years)
•    One of the founding members of the initial FLL teams that evolved into what is now the Sylvania STEM Center

Mindy 2.jpg

Mindy Slutsky

Great Lakes Community Action Partnership

SSC Board of Directors

0 (1).jpg

Jason Malczewski

Owner of Carrdan

SSC Board of Directors

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